Updated: 3/23/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • scene 1
  • Alfie. Look at your new home.
  • scene 2
  • Look at Alfie's new home.
  • scene 3
  • That's a brilliant house!
  • INT. OF HOUSEwideshotYoung child looks up and points at hous- castle on the table.Timing:3 seconds
  • scene 4
  • Parent smiles.Child drops Alfie.Timing:3 seconds
  • scene 5
  • Oh yes, sorry. I can see the turrets now
  • Camera zooms in on the parent.Timing:5 seconds
  • scene 6
  • Kid frowns.Parent walks up to the table.Timing:7 seconds
  • It's not a house it's a castle. Alfie is the king.
  • Parent smiles at childYoung child smiles at parent.Parent picks up AlfieTiming:3 seconds
  • Sky goes dark.Young child lays Alfie on the brick castle and goes to sleep.Timing:7 seconds
  • Alfie, it's time for bed now.