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Updated: 11/29/2019
Unknown Story

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  • The decompression disease was first discovered in 1841, by Jacques Triger.
  • meanwhile...
  • Including heart muscle birth defect, being older than 30, being female, low cardiovascular fitness, high obesity, lung disease, overuse of alcohol & tobacco & diving in cold water.
  • There are many type of conditions that can result in the disease...
  • Other possible symptoms to the disease includes cognitive slowdown, weakness in moving limbs or even extreme fatigue.
  • Essentially, this is what happens. The patient felt dizzyiness, headache, numbness & Joint pain after diving in the cold.
  • Well, it occurs most commonly through scuba diving or in higher altitude travels.
  • So what are the cause to the disease?
  • The air contains two main substances: Oxygen & Nitrogen.
  • As the body dive into a much more compress environment, oxygen are consumed, however nitrogen accumulates.