Sarah Osborne

Updated: 9/10/2020
Sarah Osborne

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning, my name is Sarah. Sarah Osborne and this is my house in Salem. The year is 1692.
  • I am Sarah's husband. Alexander Osborne.
  • Witch!!Witch!
  • From March 1-4 I was accused of pricking girls fingers with my specter and bewitching them.
  • We were bewitched by Sarah Osborne. She made us write in the devils book!!!
  • The evidence was flawed because the girls behavior could have been other factors. Like for example ergot which was poison that came from the food the girls could have eaten.
  • In the end I was arrested. On February 29th of 1692. I was the first of the three accused to go. I died from the horrible conditions of the jail.
  • In the end I was just an easy target. I was old and sickly. Not be able to attend church made me an outcast in a very religious place.
  • Ghost Sarah Osborne