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Updated: 1/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Today we are doing an internship so let's watch the video!
  • So boring. duh of course babe
  • This is boring wanna make out after at the slide?
  • Good Morning! I hope you all are ready for your internship here at Futura. *explains internship*
  • this is Sri lanka an island regularly affected by tsunamis. Your job is to design a warning system that is low in cost. has a good warning time, and won't have a lot of false alarms. good luck.
  • yah that date sucked you smelled like rotten cheese. i can't believe so many families lost their homes!
  • this is so cool. cooler than that date we went on at the bowling alley.
  • *pushes away* we can't do this here. But we can hold hands. Also i baked us cookies.
  • *goes in for kiss*
  • i can't wait for science tomorrow the stimulator is so fun to use i can't wait!
  • i need to poop
  • *everyone chants* poop your pants
  • yah! I can't wait for tomorrow i bet i won't be able to sleep.