Egypt Project: Seth the Noble
Updated: 2/22/2021
Egypt Project: Seth the Noble

Storyboard Description

Seth the Noble

Storyboard Text

  • Seth
  • I do not want to disappoint Egypt.
  • Hello, fellow noble. I am very nervous for the Opet Festival.
  • As the vizier, you will be fine if you hold the statue strong, and keep judging trials fairly. For now just keep playing your role in society.
  • I hear the Nile is going to flood tomorrow! You know what that means. When the Nile River floods, all classes celebrate and come together for the Opet Festival!
  • Also, you are a highly ranked noble. You are so important to be able to hold all of those jewels. I will be right there, next to you.
  • The next Day...
  • During the Festival, the lowest ranking peasants line the streets, while the highest ranking nobles hold the statue.
  • Wow, The Pharaoh is the highest social class.
  • Thank you sir.
  • King Tut, 1305-1324, He was a pharaoh for 10 years. He was the youngest pharaoh.
  • You did well today, Seth. The gods thank you.
  • As the vizier, Seth goes back to judging trails fairly, but something has changed.
  • After the Opet, I feel like a new person. I might want to change roles...
  • In Egypt, it was very hard to switch roles. It was Extremely hard to switch social classes.
  • Yes, I am now the general of the military! It is now my job to protect borders and Egypt! That is what the commander of the military does! Also, if I wanted to I could become the chief treasurer, who has to be good at counting because they count taxes!