Updated: 2/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • condon says we have to add one cup of flower. the second condon says we add 1 cup sugar 
  • how MRNA is created is that the RNA nucleotides ties matches to one of the side of DNA
  • Recipe to make cake. Amino acid: sugar, flower, eggs, vanilla extract
  • i want this too be colorful.. i am going too add some red velvet falor in one of the cakes
  • mRNA travels through the cytoplasm to the ribosome and the mRna attaches to the ribosome. rna match mRNA know ad condon to the amino acid known as anticodon
  • Lets add all the ingredients and then put it in the oven
  • sugar and flower!
  • an amino acid chain form something that's called protein
  • now that we are done with the batters lets put them in the oven and wait for the timer to go off
  • as johny put an ingredient that was not supposed to go in the cake this is showing that sometimes there can be errors in DNA replication and this can mean that a genetic mutation happened
  • YAY! I cant wait to eat them i'm so hungry and they smell so good.
  • lets check on the cakes!.... what has happened here why are there two different cakes?
  • as he added an ingredient that was not in the recipe and insertion happened which caused frameshift and it changes the whole protein chain
  • that's okay we can just put a white frosting on top and make them look the same and the we can enjoy!
  • i might have put a another ingredient in... but only because i wanted to be creative
  • now that we fixed the problem, we can start eating the cake!!
  • the correct ingredient of amino acid was added to make the complete protein.
  • yesss! i've been waiting to eat this cake it looks so good and smells good too