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Updated: 12/19/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Yes papa, we need to do this in order to live.
  • Jotaro, we need to starve your mother and older brother to death because if they keep this up we will starve.
  • Alright father, I always hated them anyways.
  • With this Jotaro, we will be able to live onward.
  • I need a job to get money.
  • Mario and I found employment in a local Beijing University so we are fine.
  • It's a me-mario
  • Jotaro Kujo was an 11-year-old boy who hated his older brother and his mother. His dad was the one who always took his side, the mother and the older brother always hogged the food while others were starving. Some families have already starved to death. So they made a plan to steal all the food from their harvests and starve their mother and older brother
  • Military stuff
  • this is boring.
  • its a me-mario
  • So Jotaro and his father stole all the food and the next week, his older brother and mother died of starvation. While they lived to survive the next generation. While many still starved, they were fortunate enough to live on.
  • ゴ ゴ ゴ
  • Mao then introduced the Cultural Revolution, through 1969 - 1971. Jotaro joined the Red Guards which his father was not happy about. So they decided to move and he brought his 2 best friends. When they arrived in Beijing, Mao Zedong died and Deng Xiaoping was the new person in charge.
  • Jotaro got a job working in the military creating and getting new ideas for the military, Luigi got a job working at a university being a teacher. Mario got a job at the university being a Janitor. Everything was great, until...
  • In June 4, 1989, a massive protest and massacre happened. Jotaro working in the military helped defend against the protestors. It was a rough night, thousands were injured and many people died. Jotaro in the middle of this chaos decided to leave before it gets too crazy.
  • Jotaro was heading back to Tiananmen Square to see what damage and what the outcome was. While he walking he saw a man blocking the tanks! He was heroic! Jotaro quickly went in the scene and took him out of the road before he dies. But instead of saving him, he turned him into the government and he is now imprisoned.
  • a shopping bag
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