Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • #1 Experimentation
  • Of course Tommy!
  • #2 Regular or Social Use
  • Ms Smith can I take the white board and marker home to practice tonight?
  • Timmy is a normal 15 year old boy. He goes to school every day and after school attends basketball practice. He favorite subject is math. He loves to practice math problem on the white board.
  • #3 Problem / Risky Use
  • Oh.
  • Hey, you haven´t been acting like yourself. Missing practice and failing classes. 
  • Tommy continue to work on his math problems. He then realizes his marker has a sent to it. He enjoys the scent.
  • #4 Dependence
  • I have become addicted to inhalents. 
  • Tommy asks his math teacher if he could take the marker and board home to practice. When really he was using it as a type of inhalent. He them began to inhale the sent every day.
  • #5 Addiction
  • Tommy's friends begin to notice Tommy isn't coming to practices and games any more. He is also beginning to fail some of his classes. When he is around he seems out of it very dizzy and lost.
  • Tommy begins to use the drug every day now. He has also found new sources of this drug. Through cleaners and other household products.
  • This becomes a thing that Tommy can not live without and uses in many times a day. His friends do reach out to him regarding his addiction. They seek for help and Tommy ends up in therapy to help his addiction.