Shakespear 1 English MSND
Updated: 2/9/2020
Shakespear 1 English MSND

Storyboard Text

  • Titania Gives Her Boy to Oberon
  • I'll give you my little boy!
  • Demetrius Marries Helena
  • I do!
  • Theseus Allows Lysander and Hermia to be married
  • I allow you to be married!
  • Titania agrees to give Oberon her boy. They have been fighting over him for a long time, but now she agrees to give him the boy.
  • Demetrius has hated Helena throughout the story. Now Demetrius is enamored with Helena because he has a spell on him. They get happily married.
  • Theseus has not allowed Hermia and Lysander to be married throughout the story. Theseus and Hermia's dad wanted her to marry Demetrius. Now Theseus lets them be married because Demetrius love Helena.