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Updated: 1/25/2019
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  • Beginning Middle ages
  • Feudalism starts
  • Ranks of church
  • The middle ages began after the collapse of Western Roman Empire around 476 A.C.E last till roughly 1450 A.C.E. The reason why the empire collapsed was because there was no central government, poverty, no law/order, no army to protect, barbarians constantly invading and creating conflicts, the church was strong, and most of the people had illiteracy
  • Structures of the middle ages
  • When the Roman Army disintegrated, there was no one to protect people, towns, and cities. There was conflict from invaders and amongst kings and chiefs. That's when Feudalism was created. Feudalism was ranks the highest rank was king [lord]. the second highest rank was vassals, the third highest was the lesser nobles, then the knights, then lowest rank was the peasants.
  • Powers of the church
  • There was more ranks from the king and the peasants. They where more religious, the ranks come from the church was the main source of those ranks. The ranks where the Pope who was at the top, Cardinals are the second highest, Arch bishops are the third highest, Bishops are the second lowest, Parish Priest are the lowest of the ranks.
  • Advantages of the Church
  • The structure for everyone that was inforced on everyone in the kingdom. The people that where below the king where the nobels, church officals, knights, and the Vassals. The nobles where just as powerful as the king. church officals had many rights while everyone below them had very few. Knights where only used to protect the people and fight wars.
  • The church where very powerful back then. Many people believed in what they said. Since the Pope was very noble. There was only a few people who didn't believe in the church. Then if the Pope found out, the people would be punished.
  • The Church could read and write in Latin, since they where the only ones who wrote the bible and since no one else could read they easily believed them.
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