Masque of the Red Death
Updated: 2/4/2020
Masque of the Red Death

Storyboard Text

  • Prince Prospero is introduced the "dominions" ravaged by the Red Death with a thousand of his knight and ladies.
  • After six months in the abbey, there are seven different unusual room in the palace. The last room has a clock that chimes every hour. The door are sealed so nobody can't get in or out.
  • As the clock was about to strike midnight, in the blue room. Everyone was surprised by seeing a new guest arrived and dressed up as a victim of the Red Death.
  • Prince Propero pull out the sword. At the edge of the black room, the Red Death whirls around to confront Prospero.
  • They crown goes after and rip of the mask, that there's nothing behind the mask and the costume. The guy in the Red Death costume is actually the Red Death. Prince Propero started bleed.
  • Each of the guests died over the room because the blood are spilling all over their hands, the light go out. In the end, the Red Death holds dominion over all.