Family picnic
Updated: 11/8/2018
Family picnic
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Scene: The family is having a wonderful day doing hamburgers they think nothing can go wrong. Music: happy music Sounds: birds, the grill, wind Camera shot: long shot
  • Falling Action
  • Scene: All of a sudden the dog gets excited and jumps in the water, The kids are sad and the mother is angry because their day was ruined and didn't know what to do. Music: Suspenseful/sad Camera shot: low angle Sounds: Splash, screams, moms footsteps.
  • Resolution
  • The dad was so angry he decided not to have the hamburgers because the meat would not be good for the kids, the dad told the told to go inside the house the kids were so sad. Music: sad sounds: dogs footsteps Camera angle: close up
  • Scene: the family went inside the house and the little girl begged her father to make hamburgers and have a fun day with the family. The dad agreed and the went outside to make more. Sounds: crying Music: sad Camera shot: high angle
  • Scene: The dad made the hamburgers and the kids were happy about it. The dog was sleeping so it didn't cause any trouble Sounds: hamburgers grilling, family happy/ laughing music: inspiration Camera shot: long shot
  • Scene: The kids were done eating and all ready changed and they talking and laughing about the accident that happen. Music: Happy Sounds: talking Camera shot: low shot
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