Genghis Khan
Updated: 12/17/2019
Genghis Khan
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  • You, and your tribes, are now part of the Mongol Empire!
  • Genghis Khan was born around 1162 AD. His father died when he was nine, and married at 16 years old, eventually having 4 sons.
  • As a young adult, he began to unite all the Mongolian tribes, one by one. He eventually gathered about 20,000 warriors.
  • YAY!!!
  • From this moment on, the only way to judge a man is by their merit. Not wealth, not family, merit. Also, for those of you I have conquered, you may continue to worship your own religion!
  • After uniting many of the Mongol tribes, Genghis Khan started on a conquest to dominate Northern China and much of Eastern Asia. This was successful.
  • If you follow us, we will have to kill you, for Genghis Khan's grave is to remain in a secret place
  • Genghis Khan's army was very powerful partly because of these reasons; Supply carts always followed the army wherever they went, holding extra equipment, Shamans, and lots of medics.
  • Even though he led brutal conquests, Genghis Khan valued peace and prosperity. He made new laws that benefited society, and had religious tolerance to the people he conquered.
  • In 1227, Genghis Khan died. The cause of his death is unknown. His tomb had no big monument, and instead was built in a very secret place. The tomb still hasn't been found today!
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