F451 Part 1
Updated: 2/8/2021
F451 Part 1

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  • what if...
  • Guy meets Clarisse. Clarisse begins to asks questions that Guy has never thought of mostly due to the censorship of the community. Clarisse is a very important person in the story because she starts everything in motion.
  • Mildred is found unconscious on the floor with an empty pill bottle. Mildred isn't aware of her feeling of melancholy because she is mostly apathetic.
  • Guy starts having independent thoughts, breaking the censorship he once had. He's thinking of the imperceptible claims of Clarisse and as this develops so does his apathy for more than just himself.
  • Guy begins to question a lot more but mostly with the book and if the job is helping anyone. He begins to think this after he had to burn a lady with her book because she refused to leave. He didn't know why they were so important to her.
  • Mildred tells Guy that Clarisse got in a car accident and that she's dead. Clarisse represented curiosity and now that she's gone, Guy has somewhat the same thoughts she did.
  • During the fair with the lady Guy took books. He wanted to read them to understand them. He told Mildred and she wasn't happy but had to go with him.