Huclk finn

Updated: 3/28/2021
Huclk finn

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  • Pap
  • Favorite scene:"The law takes a man worth six thousand dollars and up-ards, and jams him into an old trap of a cabin like this."He is talking about how he wants custody of Huck and thinks that it is the governments fault that their family is poor.
  • Physical traits:-Abusive-Alcoholic-Huck's Father
  • How did the character impact Huckleberry Finn?He impacts Huck by being an abusive/drunken father that takes out his anger on his son.
  • Tom Sawyer
  • How did the character impact Huckleberry Finn?He impacts Huck in a way to adventure but not in a good way. Tom wastes time and argues with Huck over what plan to take.
  • Favorite scene:"I wish there was a moat to this cabin. If we get time, the night of the escape, we'll dig one." Tom says this because he is very adventurous and wants things to be harder and more exciting on his plan to help Jim escape
  • Physical traits-Huck's friend-Stubborn-Adventurous
  • Jim
  • Favorite scene:"Why, Mars Tom, I hain't get no coat o' arms; I hain't got nuffin but dishyer ole shirt, en you knows I got to keep de journal on dat. "Jim is frustrated because he thinks Tom means an actual coat, I just think this quote is funny.
  • How did the character impact Huckleberry Finn?Huck always is thinking about Jim and uses it as motivation to try to free him, he is a good role model for Huck.
  • Physical traits-A "free" slave-Hucks friend-Smart-Gullible
  • Miss Watson
  • Favorite Scene:"I got to feeling so mean and so miserable I most wished I was dead". Jim and Huck Feel bad because they do not want to hurt Miss Watson while trying to free Jim out of slavery
  • How did the character impact Huckleberry Finn?Helped Huck in a spiritual way.
  • Physical Traits-"owns Jim-Patient-odd