Bill of Rightd
Updated: 11/9/2018
Bill of Rightd
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  • First
  • The First Amendment
  • Amendment
  • Rights
  • The First Amendment- Freedom of Assembly
  • Yes they can, it doesn´t matter what their reason for this is , they can do whatever they would like.
  • Hey!! You can´t...
  • The Fourth Amendment- Freedom Of unreasonable search and seizure
  • Oh well.
  • This is the First Amendment. The First Amendment is about Congress and how it should make no law establishment of religion.
  • The Sixth Amendment-Right to a Speedy Trial
  • This represents Freedom of Assembly. It shows that people have the rights to do what they think is right for not only them but for others.
  • The Ninth Amendment Constitutional rights do not deny other rights
  • Actually we can sit anywhere we want, just look at the ninth amendment on the Bill of Rights.
  • This is Freedom of unreasonable search and seizure. This shows that people are going through this girls house without her permission and they won´t leave until they want to leave or get told to leave by their boss.
  • This is Right to a Speedy Trial . This picture is showing a prisoner trying to get out of jail because he has changed and he doesn't think he should be in jail anymore.
  • Do not worry I'll find a way to get you out of this cell.
  • Let us talk about this and see if we can let you go.
  • Please just let me go I did nothing wrong to be in here. Please !!!!
  • This is Constitutional rights do not deny other rights. This picture shows that people can do whatever they want anywhere they want without getting in trouble with the police.
  • Im sorry but you girls can not just sit here you must go somewhere else.
  • Oh okay we will be lea...
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