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Updated: 9/22/2020
comic strip

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  • I think the constitution is enough.
  • man I want to go home
  • What I think is that we need stronger National government than state government.
  • Okay.. How do you know if it's "enough" if you don't know the government might dominate our own rights??
  • NONSENSE! Without a strong central government, how are we going to be one nation?
  • A weaker central government will be more effective than a powerful one.
  • Why? Without a bill of rights, our rights will be lost and it wouldn't be protected anymore. Do you want that to happen?
  • There should be no Bill of Rights at this moment of time
  • I'd agree with the federalist because they believed the ratification of the constitution since we wouldn’t survive without it. They also focused on a central government where we can come together as one whole. How about you?
  • I wouldn't agree to that.. our voices wouldn't be heard and we have to obey what the national government tells us what to do.
  • May I ask, what side of the federalist you agree with?
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