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Updated: 11/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I don't know Megan, you're only 10...
  • Mom please can I get a phone? All of my friends have one!
  • Why do you want one?
  • So I can walk to school by myself and keep In contact with you in case of on emergency!
  • She has a fair point, Margaret, she's going to need to keep in touch with us if she goes somewhere
  • I Know, I know, she's just so young
  • I guess so...
  • She's very responsible, I think we should get her a phone.
  • Yes Megan, We will get you a phone
  • YAY!!! Thank You guys so much! I cant wait to go to the store and pick it out
  • Mhm..
  • We'll get you an iPhone, so you'll be able to have it for a long time.
  • Im so excited Ive always wanted an iPhone
  • Heres her new phone!
  • You better take good care of it.
  • I feel so grown up now! A phone is a huge milestone in my life