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Updated: 2/19/2020
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  • Act3; Scene 1
  • Both murderers “we have decided, my lord. We’re In.”
  • MACBETH “I can see determination in your eyes. Within the next our I’ll tell you where to go and exactly when to strike. It must be done tonight, away from the palace. Always remember that I must be free from suspicion. For the plan to work perfectly, you must kill both Banquo and his son, Fleance who keeps him company”
  • Act 3; Scene 2
  • Lady Macbeth“You have to stop talking like this”.
  • Macbeth”Argh! I feel like my mind is full of scorpions. My dear wife. You know Banquo and his son Fleance are still alive”.
  • Second murderer “Here comes a light!”
  • Act 3; Scene 3
  • First Murderer “then let the rain come down”
  • First Murderer “prepare yourselves”
  • Banquo”it will rain tonight”
  • Third Murderer “That’s him”
  • Banquo “Now you have it all: you’re the king, the thane of Cawdor, and the thane of Glamis, just like the weird women promised you. And I suspect you cheated to win these titles. But it was also prophesied that the crown would not go to your descendants, and that my sons and grandsons would be kings instead. If the witches tell the truth-which they did about you-maybe what they said about me will come true too. But shhh! I’ll shut up now.”
  • Act 3; Scene 4
  • MacBeth “it’s nice of you to remember me. (Raising a glass to toast his guest) since good digestion requires a good appetite, and good health requires both of those, here’s to good appetites, good digestion, and good health!.”
  • Lady Macbeth “but they can’t live forever”.Macbeth “that’s comforting. That can be killed, it’s true. So bee cheerful. Before the bat flies through the castle, and before the dung beetle makes his little humming noise to tell us it’s nightTime, a dreadful deed will be done”
  • Act 3; Scene 5
  • Act 3; Scene 6
  • Lord “Duncan’s son Malcom, whose birthright and throne Macbeth has stolen, lives in the English court. There, the saintly King Edward treats Malcom so well that despite Malcom’s misfortunes, he’s not deprived of respect
  • Banquo”oh, this is treachery! Get out of hear,good Fleance, run, run, run! Someday you can get revenge.Banquo dies Fleance escapes.
  • “The Murderers attack Banquo”
  • MacBeth “we would have all the nobility of Scotland gathered under one roof, if only Banquo were here. I hope it turns out that he’s late out of rudeness, and not because something bad has happened to him”.
  • “The ghost of Banquo enters and sits in Macbeth’s place”.
  • Lennox “ why don’t you take a seat, your highness
  • Hecate “ He will be fooled into thinking he is greater than fate, he will mock death, and he will think he is above wisdom, grace, and fear. As you all know, overconfidence is a mans greatest enemy”
  • “Macduff went there to ask Kind Edward for help. He wants Edward to help him form an alliance with the people of northumberland and their lord, Siward. That Macduff hopes with their help-and with the help of god above- he may once again put food on our tables, bring peace back to our nights, free our feast and banquets from violent Murderers, allow us to pay proper homage to our king, and receive honors freely.”
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