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Math Project
Updated: 12/12/2018
Math Project
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  • Elimination Method: 1. Take the two equations and find or make one variable from each equation equal to each other 2. Subtract or add to get rid of one variable that is equal to each other as well as getting a different equation 3. Divide the coefficient to what the variable is equal to 4. Plug the variable into the other equation to get the other variable
  • eg: 2x+3y=15 (+)x-3y=3 3x=18 x=6 2(6)+3y=18 12+3y=18 3y=6 y=2 eg(2): 2x+3y=10 (2)x+y=4 (-)2x+2y=8 2y=4 y=2 (2)+x=4 x=2
  • Substitution Method: 1. Set one of the variables in terms of the other variable(eg: x=y, y=x) 2. Plug the equivalent of that variable into the other equation 3. Solve 4. Plug the variable in to get the other variable
  • eg: y+2x=14 x+y=11 y=11-x (11-x)+2x=14 11+x=14 x=3 (3)+y=11 y=8 eg(2) 2x+2y=6 3x+y=7 2y=6-2x y=3-x 3x+3-x=7 2x=4 x=2 2(2)+2y=6 4+2y=6 2y=2 y=2
  • The End (she ended up failing, not because she didn't understand it, but because she was too lazy to do anything about it)
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