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Updated: 11/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Ordinary World and Call to Adveture
  • Great job son! Too bad I have to sacrifice some people tomorrow...
  • Refusal of the Call and Supernatural Aid
  • I volunteer as tribute!
  • Ok son, but remember the white flag!
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • I'm the King of the world!
  • Theseus is already a great hero, and the son Aegeus. When he reaches Athens, he learns that soon, there will be another round of tributes sacrificed to the Minotaur.
  • Tests and Allies, and The Ordeal
  • If you marry me, I'll give you this yarn so you can find your way out of the Minotaur's cave!
  • Theseus volunteers himself as a tribute. His father makes him promise to set the usually black sail to a white one if he returns safe.
  • The Reward/Road Back, Rescue, and Return
  • Theseus sails from Athens to Crete where he is then paraded around the city's inhabitants.
  • Resurrection, Change, Apotheosis
  • Ariadne sees Theseus and falls in love with him. She gives him a ball of yarn in exchange for the promise that they will wed in Athens. Theseus successfully uses the yarn to his advantage; he kills the Minotaur and uses the yarn to retrace his steps to safety.
  • Sure!
  • Theseus saves the Athenians, and they and Ariadne set sail back home. Although, Ariadne is left ashore because she is seasick, and when Theseus returns, she is dead. Theseus also forgets to set the white sail, and they reach Athens.
  • I feel a little seasick... Can I get off at the next stop?
  • Sure, that should be no problem.
  • Once in Athens, Theseus learns that his father has killed himself because he thought Theseus was dead due to the black sails. Theseus is declared King. He relinquishes his title and creates a people's government. Athens is happy and prosperous.
  • I knew I was forgetting something...
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