Han, Tang, And Song Dynasty
Updated: 1/16/2020
Han, Tang, And Song Dynasty
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  • Emperor Xiandi, the people are revolting and our generals are fighting, if you give me more power, I could help.
  • We want a better governemnt!
  • If you join me, we could take over the empire together
  • It is decided, I will take the North, Sun Quan will take the central and lower valley, and Liu will take the Sichuan region
  • During the end of period of the last Han emperor, there was alot of corruption throughout the government, each looking for power.
  • We surrender, we do not wish for any more harm
  • During the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184, people rebelled because of the corrupt government. At this time, many people in government positions were fighting for power within the government
  • After the Han Dynasty fell and the governemnt weakened, many warlords and generals tried to takecontrol of China, in the end, it was split into 3 kingdoms.
  • We are taking the throne, I am your emperor now!
  • In around 620, the last Sui Emperor, Gongdi, would reign for a year before being overthrown by Li Yuan. Li Yuan later went on to establish the Tang Dynasty
  • From around the 750's to 907, rebellions constantly broke out in the Tang Dynasty, causing the dynasty to collapse and split.
  • In 927, military inspector-general Taizu took the throne and established the Song Dynasty
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