Road to Revolution
Updated: 11/4/2020
Road to Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • Of course, my Lord. I shall notify them of the new Act.
  • I propose a new taxation in the colonies, the Stamp Act of 1765, every legal document will need a taxed stamp act.
  • Duke, we need to tighten our control over the colonies and gain revenue at their expense.
  • The Lord has passed the Stamp Act, which all British colonies must abide by.
  • We have the same rights as British Citizens! We will not abide by this Act!
  • No Taxation without Representation; the King has no control over us anymore. Let's boycott all British goods!
  • I'm sorry my Lord, the colonists are rebelling, boycotting, and refusing to abide by the tax.
  • I must repeal this Stamp Act, but this isn't the last time that the colonists will hear from me and my taxes!
  • I know Duke! They have sent me letters about their grievances and how they will refuse to pay the tax!
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