PDHPE Assessment Board 2
Updated: 3/14/2021
PDHPE Assessment Board 2

Storyboard Text

  • Who are these girls? And he said that he was going out for dinner with friends not to the pub?!
  • Lets go to the PUB instead
  • The local PUB
  • Hey Ladies, wanna catch up again sometime soon
  • No, He lied!! What to do? Am I not pretty enough ?
  • Yeah, come back to stay at my house for the night
  • I am taking away your phone and you are not allowed to leave the house and you will stay locked in the basement
  • No, You liar ! I know what happened last night and the past 6 weeks . What did I do wrong?
  • Who are these girls? Is he lying too me?
  • He is controlling and abusive. He has really hurt my feelings
  • You need to leave this relationship. It is unhealthy for you, We must talk to him
  • Ben, our relationship is over! you are controlling and abusive. Goodbye!
  • You cant just end the relationship here ?!! I promise I wont do it again
  • You, did the right thing Sara. We should go and celebrate!