The Perfect Match
Updated: 2/7/2020
The Perfect Match
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  • Welcome to Perfect Match Henny! So nice to have you here today!
  • Feels great to be here Orange. Now bring on the ladies!
  • Well I'm an English bloke who likes boats! You should see my collection! But if I'm being honest, I just want a woman to plant my seed in if you know what I mean.
  • Well before we bring out the beautiful ladies, tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Yeah I can speak Spanish, and I know some people down there!
  • OMG Henny we can have so many daughters! I don't want to have a son cause #cooties. Then we can get married for like 24 years!
  • This is the Perfect Match! Henny is a man who is looking for his special someone. Orange is the show host, as Henny will meet 6 potential candidates to be his little lady!
  • We NEED to have a son! You're just sound so BEAUTIFUL
  • We can have a daughter or whatever. But shut up, I'm texting another guy right now
  • Hey uhh are you alright back there?
  • The first candidate is Cathy. She's known to be a bit "arrogant".
  • This chick is so beautiful...
  • OMG, I am so sorry I'm late!
  • Candidate #2 is a woman named Anne Boolin! Henny was absolutely in love with her looks! But she had other things on her mind...
  • Candidate #3 was a fine lady called Jane SeeLess. She was drop dead gorgeous! But after promising to give Henny a son, she just dropped dead.
  • For our #4 Candidate, Henny was able to see a picture of her. He thought young Annie Thieves was beautiful! But little did he know, she was using a lotttt of filters on that selfie!
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