Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I ran to the edge of the cliff. Going down on my hands and knees, i peered down the cliff face.
  • Hardly anything grew on the cliff face- just a few stunted bushes and halfway down a wild cherry tree. The umbrella had got stuck in the willd cherry tree
  • I stuck my bare fingers over the edge of the cliff and began climbing down.
  • once on my way the stones did not stop until I reached the bottom of the hill. They were a cascade of stones and I was afraid not to start a landslide.
  • I didn't took more than 5 min to reach the crooked tree. But the most difficult task remained . I need to crawl along the trunk of the tree. Only by doing this I could trap the umbrella.. Now I wasn't afraid of crawling a tree. I thought I could crawl as nice as bijju.
  • Grippng the rough cherry bark with her toes, and using her knees as leverage, she crawled along the trunk until she was within the reach of that umbrella