Creation Story (continued)

Updated: 2/18/2019
Creation Story (continued)

Storyboard Text

  • Day 6
  • Where am I?... WHO am I?
  • She's perfect!
  • I know, right?!
  • The End
  • That's it! On Day 6 God realized he was missing something that was created in his own image...and so he invented a human, a man he named Adam.
  • Sometimes things don't turn out right the first time around, so on his second attempt God made a perfect human... a woman! He named her Eve. (Besides Adam was complaining he was lonely and didn't speak the same language as the animals).
  • On the 7th day, God decided to take a well-deserved break. He stepped back to admire all of the good, beautiful, and wonderous things he had created. He loved them all.