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act 4
Updated: 9/28/2020
act 4
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  • Act 4 Scene 1
  • I will never marry you I'd rather die then marry you!!!
  • I love you and I will marry you
  • Act 4 scene 2
  • there is a way that you can escape from this vile situation i will give you a potion and it will kill you for 48 hours after that you will be alive again
  • but you must take the vile when no one is there
  • Act 4 scene 3
  • What if this potion kills me forever? What if this was all a skim to kill me but Friar Lawrence would never do something like this he is a man of god
  • In this scene Paris and Juliet talk about there marriage and how Paris loves Juliet but Juliet loves Romeo so Juliet says 'I'd rather die then get married to you''
  • Act 4 Scene 4
  • In this scene Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a solution for this problem but she will have to risk it for the biscuit Juliet will kill her self for 48 hours and wake up and then Romeo will save her.
  • In this scene Juliet doubts Friar Lawrence and doubts herself if she should go through with the plan But at the end she decides to kill her self for 48 hours
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