Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Jonas Receiver of memory1. Go immediately at the end of school hours each day to the annex entrance behind the House of the old and present yourself to the attendant.2. Go immediately to your dwelling at the conclusion of training hours each day.3. From this moment you are exempted from rules governing rudeness. You may ask any question of any citizen and you will receive answers.4.Do not discuss your training with any other member of the community, including parents and Elders.5. From this moment you are prohibited from dream-telling. 6. Except for illness or injury unrelated to your training, do not apply for any medication.7. You are not permitted to apply for release. 8. You may lie.
  • what is that flying in the sky?
  • When the kids turn 9 and they get gifts.
  • This is the ceremony of 9
  • It's the ceremony of 12 and Jonas becomes the new receiver
  • We escaped Gabriel.
  • And our new receiver is Jonas
  • Jonas is receiving memories from the Giver.