black history month
Updated: 3/19/2021
black history month

Storyboard Text

  • i just want have me and my children to be treated equally
  • im tired of being mistreated! This needs to end
  • we came to the agreement of the people being separated but we will all be equal and have the same rights
  • woooohhh!!
  • The month of Feb. would be dedicated to African Americans and we will celebrate Negro History Week!
  • African Americans were poorly treated during this time. They were separated from the White people at work, school, and even on buses, and made to work longer than others with their pay checks low. They were treated differently due to their complexion.
  • equal rights!
  • equal rights!
  • May 18th 1896, The Supreme Court had a case with Plessy Vs. Ferguson that tested the equal rights with African Americans. they then decided that the people will be separate but equal.
  • injustice
  • February 7th 1926, Carter G. Woodson had initiated the first celebration of Negro History Week for every year come.
  • There were many movements and protest against everything that was happening in the world with segregation and each protest that happened got us one more step closer to where we are now.
  • In 2020 protest had broken out due to the brutal attacks against African Americans by the police and people went to the streets and protested. many people were angered by everything that had happened and how it was handled so they protest and voiced how they felt in the streets and even on social media.
  • they deserve justice!
  • we want equality