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Updated: 6/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • “People on social media constantly compare themselves to others and that can really affect their self-esteem and confidence in their appearance. Additionally, “Social media sets really unrealistic standards and expectations for your body and how you live your life.”
  • I am on Instagram, but it is making me feel really self conscious.
  • I can't stop looking at it!
  • Hey, what are you looking at? You seem sad.
  • “Social media is designed to make us want to come back, so all of us have a feeling that when we're not using it, we want to go back and use it, and it's hard to put down.”
  • I have tried that, but I always get sucked back in.
  • I totally understand that, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reflect. Is it a certain account that makes you feel bad? You can always unfollow them.
  • Well, I guess that sounds like it could be fun...
  • How am I supposed to Snapchat people?!
  • We should go on an adventure and not pay attention to our phones!
  • Maybe I should Snapchat this...
  • NO!
  • “Instagram especially, you only see people’s best sides. What people want you to know about themselves are the best versions of their lives. On social media, I mostly compare my looks to others or how much more fun their lives look compared to mine.”
  • Thank you for helping me learn to pace myself when using social media. Taking a step back helped me realize how important my time offline is!
  • I'm so glad I could help, I know it can be hard to pull away from your phone. It's important to be able to take breaks from social media when you notice it makes you feel bad.
  • That was such a fun day!
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