Romeo and Juliet

Updated: 1/7/2021
Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • After all, pilgrims touch the hands of statues of saints. Holding one palm against another is like a kiss.
  • Well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. I'm praying for you to kiss me. Please grant my prayer so faith doesn't turn to despair
  • They kiss
  • Then do my lips now have the sin they took from yours?
  • Now my sin has been taken from my lips by yours.
  • Sin from my lips? You encourage crime with your sweetness
  • ....
  • Juliet moves and Romeo is sad that his love has to leave
  • Madam, your mother wants to talk to you
  • Who is her mother?
  • her mother is the lady of the house. She is a good, wise, and virtuous lady. I nursed her daughter. Let me tell you, the man who marries her will become very wealthy
  • The nurse leaves
  • (to himself) Is she a Capulet? Oh, this is a heavy price to pay! My life is in the hands of my enemy.
  • Yes, but I'm afraid I'm in more trouble than ever.
  • (to ROMEO) Come on, let's go. Right when things are the most fun is the best time to leave.
  • Benvolio
  • Capulet
  • No gentlemen, don't get ready to go now. We have a little dessert coming up. (they whisper in his ear) Is that really true? Well, then, I thank you both. I thank you, honest gentlemen. Good night. Bring more torches over here! Come on, let's all get to bed. (to his COUSIN)
  • Romeo and Benvolio leave