The haunted house!!
Updated: 2/22/2021
The haunted house!!

Storyboard Text

  • This place very scary!!
  • This place is the scariest place ever!!
  • This place is super scary!!!
  • That place is not scary at all!!
  • WAIT,you say that place is not scary!!
  • This place is scary!!!
  • Demond is at the house and he said this is the scariest house ever!!!
  • The girl is saying that the haunted house is not scary. And Demond is saying that the haunted house is very scary.
  • I know but we need to look for Demond.
  • This cave is scary!!
  • Demond walked into this room and he took 4 steeps into the room and the he spotted a bunch of creachers.
  • Don't ever come back!
  • hahahah!!!
  • All of the creachers bite him so he passed out.
  • Demonds friends are going to find him in the haunted house but the went in the wrong door. So they are trying to get out and trying to find Demond.
  • Then Demond's friend were never seen again and Demond was never seen again too!