Updated: 4/3/2021

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  • How does my husband look like?
  • you must take a look at your husband!
  • As Psyche follows the instruction of Apollo, she is led to a stunning mansion with the help of Zephyr the "west wind". At night, in the dark,she meets and falls in love with her husband. She lives happily with him, never seeing him
  • Psyche has never seen her husband, her sisters convince her that she must sneak a look. Confused and conflicted, Psyche turns on a lamp one night as her husband lies next to her. When she sees the beautiful Cupid asleep on her bed, she weeps for her lack of faith. Cupid awakens and returns to his mother.
  • Psyche decides to go to Aphrodite herself in a plea for love and forgiveness. and when she finally sees Aphrodite, the great goddess laughs aloud. Then she gives Psyche tasks and adventures to prove her love for her son. And lastly, Psyche goes to Persephone to give her the box with a sleeping spell.