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Part 3 Story board
Updated: 11/12/2020
Part 3 Story board
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  • We need to go to United States, and I need to marry Tío Luis
  • I won’t go...
  • No mom you don’t need to marry him
  • The next Day
  • I will stay here until I recover my ankle...
  • I hope you come whit us to California
  • Mama, Abuelita, and Esperanza spend the night in the servants’ cabin. Later, they search amongst the rubble for their possessions, but there is nothing there. Tío Luis once again offers to marry Mama and promises to build her a bigger, more beautiful home.
  • Let’s say goodbye to El Rancho De Las Rosas
  • No!
  • Mama and she reluctantly relents, much to everyone’s surprise. However, Mama decides that she and Esperanza will accompany Alfonso, and Miguel to the United States. She explains that she has only agreed to marry Tío Luis in order to buy some time
  • Don’t feel sad, Papa will always be whit us...
  • He will never come again!
  • The following day, Abuelita is transported to a nunnery, which is where she will spend her recovery. Esperanza is sad to see her Abuelita go, but she hopes that her grandmother will eventually join them in California.
  • I am happy that you will take care of us Tío Luis
  • Yes, of course
  • Esperanza and Mama prepare to leave Mexico. In a poignant moment that reveals just how much their lives have changed, Esperanza and her mother dress in donated clothes from the “poor box.” In the middle of the night, Mama wakes Esperanza and they leave el Rancho de las Rosas for the last time
  • Esperanza feels sad about her losses and angry at her uncles. Mama tries to comfort her by saying that Papa will be with them wherever they go, but Esperanza cannot shake the feeling that she will never return home.
  • Esperanza smiled at him anyway, because she knew she would never spend a night in the same house with him and he would never be her stepfather. She almost wished she would be able to see his face when he realized that they had escaped
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