Unknown Story
Updated: 1/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • this was his fav toy
  • this was the valley of the kings and this is where the pharaoh would be put when they passed away and some one broke in to it and stole a lot of stuff that was in it but a tum that they did not steal was king tuts tum because he died young so there was not a lot of stuff around his tum and the walls
  • this is a ziggurt and this is where the pharots would stay and the people who made it were called scribs and for the time that they lived in they were very smart and they built this ziggurts
  • this is a tum this is were people would be put to go to the after life they called it mummification and people would put stuff into it to help that person to get to the afterlife
  • this is were the pharots wold sit and the aimals next to them were a sign to kind scare people