Social Studies
Updated: 2/1/2021
Social Studies

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  • Plymouth Colony
  • there are 1,000 passengers
  • Separatists, who had left the Church of England had been persecuted for their religious beliefs.
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • I am John Winthrop and here are Puritans
  • The Puritans established the colony Massachusetts Bay in 1630. They hoped to purify the Church of England, and then return to Europe with a new religion
  • Rhode Island
  • People who do not practice our religion the way the Puritans did were persecuted and have to leave
  • Separatists, who had left the Church of England had been persecuted for their religious beliefs. Many who refused to go to Church moved to Holland. In 1620, a group of settlers, of both Separatists and those looking for new opportunities in the “new world”, planned to set sail with supplies and two ships, The local Wampanoag people who were led by a leader named Massasoit, came to the aid of the pilgrims.
  • Connecticut
  • The Puritans obtained a charter in 1629 for the Massachusetts Bay Company which claimed land in New England. summer of 1630, a small fleet of 11 ships with about 1,000 passengers arrived, and had heard about the hardships that the Pilgrims suffered and brought supplies ( livestock-cows and horses) Their charter allowed the Puritans to govern themselves.
  • New Hampshire
  • When John Mason was granted this land, in 1679 the King of England united them a charter. "New Hampshire"
  • The government that was established was agreed upon by the settlers and they allowed religious freedom The .Puritans’ beliefs were that even though they had come to Massachusetts for religious freedom, others who did not practice religion the way the Puritans did were persecuted and expected to leave.
  • Summary
  • 1675 King Phillips War began- warriors attacked 52 towns, destroying crops and killing 600 settlers
  • England coast forced settlers to look for better farmland inland. Massachusetts Bay Colony. Hooker, along with his wife and around 60 followers, walked through the wilderness. They, along with their livestock, arrived at the Connecticut River where they founded the settlement of Hartford.
  • First settlement by Europeans in Connecticut was made on the site of present Hartford in 1633.
  • We moved here to get more farmland
  • The valley has rich soil, and in 1633 Windsor became the first permanent English settler here. 1676- The king of England united them under a charter as the royal colony of New Hampshire
  • I was granted this area,
  • When the pilgrims landed in New England after failing to make there way to the Hudson, food was scarce and had no knowledge of new land. The Wampanoug suggested a new relationship regarding exchange for weapons and food. This caused war and the colonists wanted more land.
  • In 1661 Massasoit died (Wampanoug leader), he secured peace with the pilgrims and other English colonists within the region for 40 years.