My Experience with the Paranormal
Updated: 3/31/2020
My Experience with the Paranormal
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By Marian Rocha

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  • One day, I was home alone. It was starting to get dark and I was casually watching Netflix on the sofa. Despite me growing up in a strict household, my mom thought I was responsible enough and had grown up to be well-behaved. After some minutes of watching Netflix I heard a loud clang! coming from the kitchen. Growing up I didn’t watch many horror films, but I definitely knew being home alone and hearing noises wasn’t a good sign.
  • I went to check what had caused the sound, maybe it had been some plates falling off from the dish dryer...
  • ...but as I checked the kitchen everything seemed fine. I shrugged and returned to the living room.
  • Everytime I clicked play I heard someone yelling my name, which couldn’t have been possible since I was alone. If the house had been really haunted I would have probably called a priest immediately. I had my eyes locked again on the TV when I heard the kitchen sink tap open...
  • I plucked up the courage to go check again and still nothing had happened, even the kitchen tap was closed.
  • At last, I went to my room and fell asleep, and still to this day I wonder what the mysterious events of that night could’ve been.
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