Updated: 2/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Poem being originally titled.
  • what should i name my song?
  • Finally finding out the name for it.
  • OH! Defense of Fort Mchenry!
  • Thinking it was going to go into the books as a song.
  • This is going to be a great song!!
  • He was hand writing a song while seeing the war or attack but he couldn't figure out the name
  • why is it a poem about the flag but why its not the national anthem.
  • He finally came up with a original name.
  • Them finally making it the national anthem.
  • They finally made it the national anthem! but a century after.
  • At first he planned it to be a song not a poem but it didn't turn out the way he wanted
  • Him being a tone deaf and wondering why.
  • The government turned it into a poem and they sung it everywhere
  • How come they made it into a poem but didn't make it the national anthem?
  • one century later they made it the national anthem and they sing it multiple times a year.
  • He might have been a tone deaf because he couldn't hear certain things.
  • How come i can't hear that one of i can hear the others?