Chapter 4 Outsiders
Updated: 4/1/2021
Chapter 4 Outsiders

Storyboard Description

Johnny killed Bob for drowning Ponyboy and they ran to Dally to get some money and gun.

Storyboard Text

  • Come on Johnny let's run away!
  • OK!
  • Oh no! Socs!!!
  • Hello Greasers
  • What are they doing here?
  • Socs suck!!!
  • I'm scared!!!
  • We hate you hoods!!!
  • Ponyboy tells Johnny they're going to run away because Darry slapped him. However, they decided to walk a while to cool off before doing something crazy.
  • Ponyboy
  • Jajaja!
  • While Johnny and Ponyboy are walking, a blue Mustang stops. Right after, a group of Socs comes out.
  • I had to do it Pony!
  • Two of the Socs are Bob and Randy, who were Cherry and Marcia's, boyfriends. They were angry with them for picking up their girlfriends. Then, they start fighting.
  • Thank you Dally!!!
  • There you go guys, $50 and a gun.
  • Go hide in the abandoned church.
  • They keep fighting. Suddenly, Bob tries to drown Ponyboy in a water fountain. Ponyboy can't breathe and passes out.
  • Help!
  • When Ponyboy wakes up, he realizes that all the Socs are gone. Bob is dead. Johnny tells Ponyboy that he killed Bob with a knife because he was afraid he would hurt him.
  • What have you done?!
  • They don't know what to do. Therefore, they go to Dally for help. He gives them $50 and a gun. He also gives them instructions on how to get to the abandoned church in Windrixville, where they can hide from the police.