Sara T.
Updated: 12/19/2020
Sara T.

Storyboard Text

  • As you can see our crops have been flooded, this is a sign from Heaven that we need a new king!
  • I will also bring my people peace and happiness, and no more warfare because of the new infrastructures I will build for them.
  • I propose me as the new king, for the new Yung Howe Dynasty! I will give land to you people and I will protect you.
  • Thank you, all of you for letting me be your new king! I have to make an announcement now that I am king. The price of taxes must go up. This is for your own good and for the good of the Yung Howe Dynasty!
  • Now everyone our infrastructures are decaying, and I can't protect you anymore. Also my people my land and crops are dying, so you need to fix this.
  • We want a new system
  • I know that Heaven has spoken by shaking our land but please let my stay king my family and I have been in this dynasty for over 50 years. You can not unionize I will not allow it if we become weak invader will come and try to conquer our land we need to stay together!
  • And a new king!
  • Heaven has spoken!!!!!!
  • Now a new dynasty has claimed the Mandate of Heaven!
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