Cell Theory

Updated: 10/13/2021
Cell Theory

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  • Kobe and Kirby are walking home from school, when suddenly Kobe...
  • Hey bro, to test if you really love Biology, explain to me the development of cell theory through the years.
  • Oh that's easy bro. Starting from 1665, when Robert Hooke examined a cork. The parts prompted Hooke to think of small rooms in a monastery, so he gave them the same name. "Cells"
  • Then on 1838, from investigating and experimenting with plants, Matthias Schleiden stated that plants are made of cells. He then discussed what he observed with his dear friend, Theodor Schwann.
  • On 1670, from investigating and experimenting with his microscope, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek became one of the first scientists to refer to living cells when he observed an abundant number of single-celled organisms, which he called them animalcules.
  • On 1839, using the knowledge he received from Matthias Schleiden, he started to investigate and experiment with plant and animal cells. He then determined that all animals are made of cells. He published the 1st statement of the Cell Theory: "All living things are made of cells and cell products."
  • And lastly on 1855, Based on his investigations and experiments, Rudolf Virchow stated that all cells come from pre-existing cells, which is the 2nd part of the cell theory: "All existing cells are produced by other living cells."
  • Wow bro. It was so hard for me to remember so I thought that it was hard for you to.
  • And then they continued to talk until they reach their home.
  • Hehe. I cannot simply forget it because it is the very first lesson taught to me in Biology.