The Big Idea of System Story

Updated: 8/27/2021
The Big Idea of System Story

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  • 3. "You sure we should walk around? I’m kinda nervous."- Maona
  • 4. "Girl suck it up, lets gooooooooooo."- Magic
  •  2. "Umm .. idk lets just walk around and figure it out that way "- Scar
  • 1. "Heyy y’all … what y'all want to get into tonight"- Rapunzel
  • 7. "Stop all this nonsense and let's go yall wasting time !!!"-Rapunzel
  • 2. "What’s that?? Idk about that.."4. "I don’t wanna die."6. "With dead bodies? I think not."-Moana
  • 1. "Ouuu ,look over there."5."Relax, It’s just a Morgue it’s not like something’s going to get you."-Scar
  • 3. "Girllllll stop being scaryyyy SUCK IT UP dang."- Magic
  • 5. "Good looking, moana suck it up lets go"- Magic
  • 1. "How are we going to get inside?" -Scar
  • 2. "By walking away."4. "*mumbles* dang rapunzel shut up sometimes."-Moana
  • 3. " Look, we can go through the window!" -Rapunzel
  • 1. "Oh HECK NAW, definitely thinking about turning around."-Magic
  • 2. "*mumbles* told yall but nooooooo"-Moana
  • 3. "Y’all come check this out"-Scar
  • 3. "Bruh what the -"-Moana
  • 2. "Opps" *looks down at pants* -Rapunzel
  • 1. "OMG what is that … is that a body"- Magic
  • 4. "Now I know you didn’t just.. okay."-Scar
  • 2. " I BEEN SAYING THAT. I’ve been nervous since we started walking."-5. "I don’t know about that. (starts to turn the opposite direction back outside)."Moana
  • 3. "Scar is the only one who wants to stay here! I've been ready to go since I you know * looks down* yeah."- Rapunzel
  • 1. "I can't really breathe ya'll I think it's time to go now."- Magic
  • 4. It’s not that serious, let's check out the rest of the place."-Scar