A long way gone
Updated: 6/8/2020
A long way gone

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  • jajajajaja
  • Our path was always difficult, the first happy experience was once we were walking toward the next village when we heard some strange sound, we then realized it was the beach, so we played and had a little relief but then while we were walking toward some huts we were captured by some fisherman, who then let us go.
  • wuju!
  • We had walked for several hours, and our feet had wounds that made it more painful to continue.None of us really talked, but all of us always thought about when we were going to be finally in a safe place.After hours we arrived to a hut, and we decided to stay there.The owner found us, but instead of what we thought he helped us, he gave us food ,and taught us ways to cure our wounds.
  • As always when we thought we were finally in a good place, we had to escape again.The mothers owner came in the morning to tell us the villagers were coming for us, we hurried but they got us.But after they had interrogated us, they let us go,so we were on our own again.
  • you need to go
  • In some villages we went through they were really kind to us and offered us food, but sadly we knew we couldn't stay in those places, we always had to keep going.On our way out of that village we took a rest, and when we woke up we had some problems...
  • While we were on our way to another village, we had an encounter with three men, but we heard them soon enough so that we could hide, we were all fine when the three men decided to leave, but when we saw Saidu he was motionless on the floor, we had to help him walk towards our next destination.
  • boy you look familiar, I think I saw your brother Junior, your mother ,father and little brother.They were here,but they moved to the next village!
  • When we arrived there was many people that welcomed us, that place was the place were I finally had some great news; there a women told me about where my family was, and also were the families of my friends could be, although this ,we didn't go right away to look for them,we stayed in that place for some days.
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