Sudan Conflict
Updated: 2/7/2020
Sudan Conflict

Storyboard Text

  • Im going to take over all oil rigs and restrict your religion!
  • Sudan in 1983
  • What! No we want our own religion! You will not get away with this!
  • We have to think of a plan to rebel against this government!
  • We need to make a militia to fight for our rights!
  • Lets call it the SPLA!
  • Listen we dont want to, but if we have to kill to get our way, we will.
  • just give us our religion back!
  • Have it your way, we will go to war!
  • So they fought for 22 years over religious laws. Resulting in 2 million deaths
  • This war is getting bad. We need to stop it right now.
  • I agree, we need to find out how to end this. Maybe even give your religion back
  • glad we made a deal!
  • Both sides came to an agreement known as the Machakos Protocol. They later signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Giving the people their religion back. This also was the creation of south sudan. Creating more diversity in sudan.
  • Glad we could end this war on a good note! Goodbye!