Julius Caesar: Act IV

Updated: 5/19/2020
Julius Caesar: Act IV

Storyboard Text

  • Marc Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus are discussing a list of people they think need to be assassinated. This list also includes Lepidus's brother and Marc Antony's nephew.
  • Scene 1
  • These many, then, shall die; their names are picked.(Marc Antony:1)
  • Do your will; But he's a tried valiant soldier.(Octavius: 27b-28)
  • Lepidus leaves Marc Antony and Octavius and Antony expresses his devious plan. He intends only to use Lepidus as a tool and after he is used Antony plans on not letting him rise to power.
  • Scene 1
  • So is my horse, Octavius, and for that I do appoint him store of provender.(Marc Antony:29-30)
  • Scene 2
  • Cassius and Brutus meet each other with their armies and Cassius accuses Brutus of wronging him. This leads the two heads of the conspiracy to argue and lob accusations at each other. Brutus believes they must wage an honorable war so that their previous actions will not be hypocritical, but Cassius wants to take a practical approach.
  • Most noble brother, you have done me wrong. (Cassius:37)
  • Judge me, you gods! Wrong I mine enemies? And if not so, how should I wrong a brother? (Brutus:38-39)
  • An old poet shows up at the camp where Brutus and Cassius are still arguing at. The poet attempted to stop the arguing, but instead got thrown out. Although the poet got thrown out he still lightened the mood between Cassius and Brutus.
  • Scene 2
  • Ha, ha! How vilely doth this Cynic rhyme.(Cassius:184)
  • Get you hence, sirrah! Saucy fellow, hence!(Brutus:185)
  • For shame, you generals! What do you mean?Love and be friends as two men should be.(Poet:181-182)
  • Scene 2
  • Cassius invites Brutus to drink wine with him inside the tent. The two go in and drink until Brutus tells Cassius about the death of Portia who committed suicide. Soon after Titinius and Messela com in to inform the generals that several senators have been killed on the orders of Marc Antony.
  • What! Portia?(Cassius:200)
  • No man bears sorrow better. Portia is dead.(Brutus: 199)
  • After drinking wine with Cassius Brutus falls asleep. Then the ghost of Caesar, calling himself Brutus, appears to Brutus startling him. Brutus asks where he will see the ghost again and Caesar says at Philippi. Brutus then wakes everyone else up and orders a march on Philippi.
  • Scene 2
  • Speak to me what though art.(Brutus:333)
  • Thy evil spirit, Brutus.(Ghost of Caesar:334a)