Updated: 11/17/2020

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  • Money
  • Ruth Pregnancy
  • Money Stolen
  • In this scene, Mama gives Walter the remaining money from Mr.Younger. It is important because that is the only thing that Mr.Younger left behind for them. It can benefit them in the future. Then Beneatha gets some too for her to become a doctor. This could greatly affect the family.
  • In this scene, Ruth tells Mama and Beneatha she is pregnant. This is important because it will determine a lot of stuff for the future. It can also be a great joy to the family. Travis will soon have another sibling! Mama is also very happy with this news although as of now Ruth does not know if she actually wants to have the baby.
  • In this scene, Bobo breaks down the news that Willie ran away with the money. This scene is important because it will affect the family greatly. Walter forgot to put Beneathas college money in there too, so that was also stolen. This makes Walter very upset. This is also upsetting to Beneatha because she really needed that college money.