Indian Removal
Updated: 2/10/2020
Indian Removal

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  • The Indian Nations
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Ways they removed the Indians
  • There are/were many different indian nations in the 1800’s, such as the Cherokees, the Kickapoos, etc. Most of the nations lived in peace, but Andrew Jackson labeled them as dangerous.
  • Ways they fought for their land
  • Andrew Jackson was the president from 1824, to 1837. He felt that removing all native Americans from their original land was the best choice. They used many places they took from the Indians as farmland to grow cotton , and homes.
  • Trail of Tears
  • Sometimes, when tribe leaders refused to sign papers (to give up their land), the white men would lie, and say it was required, because someone from their tribe had signed it. When some of them refused to cooperate, they could be killed, and thrown onto the valley of tears, etc.
  • Where they went
  • Some tribes were told that if they conformed to white, christian culture, they could stay (for example the cherokees). They had to forget their culture, and their tribe, and pretend to be what they weren't. Most refused to lose their heritage, but some didn't.
  • The trail of tears was where many Indians were sent when they were promised new, better land. A lot of the time, they would walk for days on end, to find nothing but a small plot of land, or nothing at all.
  • Many Native Americans were sent to live west of the mississippi river, or modern day oklahoma. Obviously a few tribes stayed, and “lost” their heritage, where they originally were.