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Updated: 3/17/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • At the class
  • Ok, class our lesson for today is all about Projectile Motion.
  • At the class
  • Ok, class I will show you an example of a projectile motion.
  • At the School Court
  • We will using this as an example of projectile motion.
  • Sir, what will you gonna do with that ball
  • And with that bowling pin.
  • The teacher teach a new lesson about Projectile Motion
  • At the School Court
  • And the teacher explain the projectile motion to his class
  • At the School Court
  • If the formula was:dx=Vixt
  • When you derive the given:dx=(5m/s)(3s)
  • Very good class.
  • The teacher will gonna show what is Projectile Motion.
  • At the class
  • Now that can answer the problems about Projectile Motion. Hopefully you really understand our lesson
  • The teacher show what is Projectile Motion
  • The ball rolled horizontally with the velocity of 5m/s and the time was 3s. What is the total distance when the ball hit the bowling pin.
  • The student answer the question of the teacher.
  • The answer is:dx=15m
  • And at the end of the class