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Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • BOO!
  • That's Bull!
  • The United States government has came to a conclusion and have decided to as of today to eliminate the internet within US territory.
  • Thats not fair!
  • People Gathered around in protest at the white house demanding answers as to why they decided to take away the internet without asking the citizens how the would feel about it.
  • Bring out the president!
  • Stand Back!
  • This is against our freedom!
  • He owes us an explanation!
  • After only a week mass hysteria has been raging on, buildings burned down, store looted, and those who had money fled the other countries.
  • My house got robbed, I lost all my money, my store got looted and I cant even get in contact to see how my children are doing... T- This new law is just awful!
  • Those who didn't have to money to leave on the other hand felt miserable.